Terms and Conditions

TRIUMPH LLC, represented by an online store (hereinafter referred to as the Agent), located on the Internet resource www.sexgameshop.com (hereinafter referred to as the Internet resource), publishes this agreement, which is a public offer-offer to individuals, and legal entities (hereinafter referred to as the Principal).
Any person placing an order (hereinafter referred to as an Order) for the purchase of a Product, information about which is posted on this Internet resource, accepts this public offer to conclude an Agency agreement. The proposal to conclude an Agency agreement is valid for any Goods during the entire period of time when information on the relevant product is posted on the Internet resource.
The contract in electronic form is legally equal to the contract drawn up in writing and signed by the Parties, including that certified by the seals of the Parties.

1.1. Public Offer (hereinafter – the Offer) – a public offer of the Agent, addressed to an indefinite circle of persons, to conclude with the Agent a contract for the provision of intermediary services for the purchase of goods remotely under the conditions contained in this Offer.
1.2. Goods – things that are offered to the Principal for the purpose of purchasing for personal needs. The list and value of goods posted on the Internet resource.
1.3. Order – a list of goods for which the Principal orders the Agent to perform the services provided for in this Offer.
1.4. Services – legal and other actions ensuring the purchase of goods by the Principal.

2.1. The Principal, while placing the Order, entrusts the Agent, and the Agent, accepting the Order of the Principal, undertakes in the interests, on behalf and at the expense of the Principal, either on his own behalf, but in the interests and at the expense of the Principal, to undertake legal and other actions ensuring the acquisition of the Goods by the Principal, the quantity and whose name is determined by the Order of the Principal, drawn up in accordance with the rules posted on the Internet resource.
2.2. The price of the Goods specified in the Order of the Principal in the item “Total” accepted by the Agent (hereinafter referred to as the Order Price) includes the purchase price at which the Agent undertakes to buy the Product with delivery to the Principal (the Principal’s client), and also includes packaging, preparing the necessary documents / forms for the delivery at the address specified in the order of the Principal, as well as the Agent’s commission.
2.3. The agent is not limited to performing actions determined by the subject of the Offer, including approving and concluding transactions with third parties (suppliers, manufacturers of the Goods, other participants of the economic turnover) on behalf of and on behalf of the Principal and (or) on his own behalf The principal. The agent independently decides, on its own behalf or on behalf of the Principal, to perform legal actions for the execution of the Agreement.
2.4. The Principal authorizes the Agent to carry out the following actions in the interests of the Principal:

  • select the seller of the Goods;
  • to conclude with the seller selected by the Agent and execute an agreement aimed at transferring the title to the Product to the Principal, in terms of payment of the Goods purchase price;
  • to conclude and execute contracts aimed at the delivery of the Goods to the Principal, while choosing the counterparties that will deliver the Goods to the Principal, the Agent carries out independently at his discretion. The agent has the right to buy the goods on conditions that require the seller to deliver the goods directly to the Principal;
  • perform any other legal and other actions necessary for the execution of the Principal’s Order;
  • in the case of inadequate quality of the Goods, to submit the relevant requirements to the seller or the manufacturer of the Goods, to receive from them the money due to the Principal, or to ensure the replacement of the Goods of inadequate quality.

2.5. The goods shall be delivered to the Principal (the Principal’s client) at the address specified in the Order. The Principal (the Principal’s client) undertakes to accept the delivered Goods.
2.6. The deadline for the Principal’s order (the date of purchase and delivery of the Product to the Principal) hereunder is negotiated individually and may be 30 (thirty) working days from the moment the Agent confirms acceptance of the Principal’s (excluding weekends and holidays), unless a different delivery date is specified by the Agent in confirmation of acceptance of the Order, sent to the Principal by e-mail. During this period, the Agent undertakes to prepare the Goods and arrange for its delivery to the Principal (the Principal’s client). The Agent shall not be liable for violation of the specified period, if this is caused by the delay in delivery of the Goods, allowed by the carrier or other third party, attracted by the Agent to deliver the Goods to the Principal.

3.1. Due to the different technical characteristics of the monitors, the color of the GOODS may differ from that presented on the website.
3.2. Characteristics and appearance of the GOODS may differ from those described on the site.

4.1. The price for the Services for the purchase of goods is listed on the Internet resource for each position of the Goods
4.2. The Agent has the right to unilaterally change the price of the Service for any position of the Goods.
4.3. In case of a change in the price of the Service for the ordered Goods, the Agent undertakes to inform the Principal about the change in the price of the Goods within 3 days.
4.4. The Principal has the right to confirm or cancel the Order for the purchase of the Goods if the price of the Service is changed by the Agent after placing the Order.
4.5. Change by the Agent of the price of the Service for the Goods paid for by the Principal is not allowed.
4.6. The agent indicates the cost of delivery of the goods on the Internet resource or informs the Principal when placing the order.
4.7. The Principal’s obligations to pay for the Services shall be deemed fulfilled upon receipt of funds by the Agent.
4.8. Payments between the Seller and the Buyer for the Services are made by the methods indicated on the Internet resource in the “Payment” section.

5.1. Agent must:
5.1.1. To process all orders of the Principal on conditions that the purchase price amount including delivery does not exceed the Price of the Order (indicated on the Internet resource).
5.1.2. To provide packing, registration of postal documents, payment of the tariff for delivery and transfer of the Goods purchased by him to the Principal (the Principal’s client) in accordance with the Order accepted for execution. The agent reserves the right to entrust the implementation of these services to third parties.
5.1.3. In case of inadequate quality of the Goods, mediate the return of the Goods from the Principal to the supplier and take actions to ensure satisfaction of the requirements of the Principal related to the inadequate quality of the Goods.
5.1.4. If it is impossible to fulfill the order, notify the client and offer alternative conditions or products for approval. In case the Principal rejects alternative conditions, the Agent is obliged to return the money to the Principal in the manner in which they were accrued or in a new way specified by the Principal as agreed.
5.2. The agent is not obliged to inform the Principal about those persons with whom he has concluded contracts for the execution of the Order, including the seller and the carriers of the Goods (courier companies).
5.3. Principal must:
5.3.1. Provide the Agent with the means to fulfill the Order i. pay the purchase price, packaging, paperwork / forms, shipping rates. Payment means the execution by the Principal of the above duties. Payment is made by any convenient method specified on the Internet resource.
5.3.2. The Principal (the Principal’s client) shall promptly accept the delivered Goods.

6.1. Return of goods of inadequate quality is carried out in accordance with the rules described in the section “Return Policy”.

7.1. This Agreement shall enter into force upon receipt by the Agent of the Principal’s Order and payment of the cost of the Services specified in the “Total” column of the Order, and is valid until the parties fully fulfill their obligations under and resulting from the Agreement.
7.2. When fulfilling obligations assumed to the Principal under this Agreement, the Agent is authorized to make expenses at the expense of the Principal in the amount specified in the Order as funds necessary for the execution of the Agreement and reimbursable to the Agent, i.e. the cost of the purchase and delivery of the goods (purchase price), without the attachment of evidence of these expenses to the report on the execution of the Agreement.
7.3. When placing the Order, the Principal certifies that the conditions of this Agreement are accepted by him without any objection and correspond to his actual will as the Principal. When placing the Order, the Principal has understood the meaning of the terms, words and expressions used in this Agreement in accordance with their regulatory and legal definition and (or) interpretation in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.
7.4. All correspondence between the parties under this Agreement may be e-mailed. All messages arriving to the Agent from the email address that was specified by the Principal when placing the Order (or when registering with the Internet resource) will be considered messages of the Principal. The parties undertake to notify each other about the change of their email addresses immediately; if a party fails to fulfill this obligation, the message sent by the other party to the old address is considered to be sent properly, and the risk of not receiving such a message falls on the party who failed to notify timely about the change of his e-mail address.
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